Lead Generation Surveys – The best tools and strategies

Considering using quizzes for lead generation? Using lead generation quizzes / surveys is a super effective way to generate more targeted leads, whilst also increasing the quality of the leads you’re generating.

Survey lead generation also allows you to provide value earlier on in the relationship with leads & potential customers, by creating interactive web page lead magnets based on the information they enter.

Why Use Surveys for Lead Generation?

Using surveys for lead generation gives you an edge on your competition by giving potential customers a more compelling reason to share their information with you and begin a relationship with your brand.

What is the Difference Between a Quiz and a Survey for Lead Generation?

For our purpose – lead generation, there isn’t really a difference between a survey and a quiz.

Personally, I don’t like either term. ‘Quiz’ reminds me of all those tacky Facebook ‘what type of Disney princess are you?’ type quizzes. And ‘survey’ sounds like an annoying form companies ask you to fill out about your ‘customer service experience’, which always leave me thinking ‘what’s in it for me?’.

But the more accurate term ‘decision tree marketing’ doesn’t exactly roll of the tounge either, so quiz or survey is here to stay.

The important thing is that you’re going to be asking questions that qualify the lead, and also typically provide them with some value in return.

Quiz Software for Lead Generation Compared


Typeform is able to create simple quizzes, with scores and basic logic such as simple math calculations. It’s very simple to get started with, and has a variety of themes to give each lead generation quiz you create with it a different look and feel. The flexibility in terms of visual customization isn’t huge, so anyone in the know would definietly still recognise it as being built with Typeform, but it is still quite attractive.


LeadsHook is the most flexibile software out there for lead generation surveys. I’ve spoken to Nik, the founder of LeadsHook several times, and he would be a bit pissed off to hear me calling LeadsHook ‘quiz software’. He prefers the term ‘decision tree’ or ‘personalized lead magnet’, because the capabilities go far beyond creating a simple quiz.

LeadsHook can be used to create everything from a simple opt in form, up to complex financial calculators that can be sold as their own software product to enterprise companies.

I’ve personally used LeadsHook to create a solar panel cost calculator for the UK, which includes functions such as getting accurate solar irradiance data from an API, and verifying the leads phone number in realtime using two factor authentication.


The best overall quiz software for lead generation. You can create extremely advanced lead generation surveys, making use of external APIs, inbuilt calculations, whilst also having a lot of deisgn freedom. They even have a ‘custom page node’ that allows you to code an entire custom web page inside one of their quizzes. If you’re serious about lead generation, LeadsHook is hands down the way to go, but it is a bit of a learning curve.