Marketing Automation Resume / CV

This is an overview of my experience leveraging automation to improve marketing systems.

Working on systems that involve people has always been an area where I enjoy working, and since before university I have built various projects using code. My journey into marketing has been via content creation in different forms.

With an INFJ personality type, I am good at using intuition to understand people’s behaviour within structured systems.

This resume / CV is structured in two different dimensions: in a timeline like a traditional CV, and then by the area of experience.

Table of Contents

Marketing Systems Map

Part of systems thinking is look for ways to create positive feedback loops.

To help with this, I’ve created this simple map of common opportunities for positive marketing feedback loops:

Experience Timeline

Independent Contractor: 2019 – Present


Writesonic: 2022 – Present

Writesonic is a Y-Combinator backed AI Writing Startup. I am building automated marketing sequences for them and also creating educational videos and written content that helps educate their users about different areas of marketing.

Koinly: 2022

Koinly is a fast growing Cryptocurrency Tax SaaS. I worked with them to create profitable advertising campaigns as well as formulate a video content marketing strategy integrated with their CRM.

Solar4Good: 2019 – Present

Solar4Good is a UK based solar panel and renewable energy installation company. I have worked with them across the marketing stack, building automations to increase their lead to sale rate, as well as generating inbound leads using Google Ads and YouTube Ads.

They initially reached out to work together before they had entered the UK market, previously having built similar businesses in the US and Australia.

I implemented HighLevel as their marketing automation platform and CMS, which we use for email, SMS, phone calls, and project management post sale.

Within HighLevel I have built multiple automation sequences, including automated calendar booking to boost their lead to appointment rate.

Using Python scripting, I have built an integration with their solar system design software, OpenSolar, so that project information can be pulled through into GoHighLevel and used for marketing sequences.

Web Editor @ CFA UK: 2019 – 2021

CFA UK is the UK organisation of the Chartered Financial Analysts Society.

I helped them build automations to migrate from their legacy Learning Management System to their new implementation of the Fuse LMS.


  • Used Python scripts to scrape the front end of their legacy system to extract content and data.
  • Integrated with Fuse’s API to bulk import saved content
  • Building automated reporting scripts (Python, HTML, APIs)

This role was split between setting up and maintaining the new LMS, pulling data for reporting, and also content creation / curation.

Content Curation / Creation:

  • Creating video training courses (topics such as Emotional Intelligence, ETFs, Climate Change)
  • Curating existing content and repurposing legacy content as new short form pieces
  • Building structured learning pathways inside the LMS

Experience By Area


I believe an understanding of the principles of SEO is important.

For me, those principles are essentially:

  • Create excellent content for humans
  • Make sure robots can understand it
  • Structure content around a map of topics and sub-topics, so that:
    • Robots see that you are covering a large topic in detail (topical relevance / knowledge graph)
    • Humans find it easy to explore your content and get value from it

I practice this on my site UpLevel Green. It’s focused on helping people learn more about solar panels. At the time of writing, over 2,000 people a month discover it via Google.

Programming: Python, HTML, APIs

Whilst I have created a number of simple web apps as personal projects, my main application of coding professionally has been in automating repetitive tasks, or connecting different marketing systems together.

For example, at CFA UK, I first came on board as they were moving from their legacy Learning Management System (LMS) to a new one, FUSE. At the time, their previous provider was unable to provide the content that had been uploaded over the years in an accessible and transferable format.

So what they were left to do was look at bringing in a number of temporary staff to manually download and copy content into a format suitable for the new platform. It was even unclear whether it would be possible to download content in this way, as there were a number of mechanisms designed to stop this (even though they had the rights to their own content).

What I was able to do was create a script using Python and a web scraping library called Selenium, which systematically crawled the legacy system, and stored the content in a database.

I then added to this another script which connected with the API of the new platform, and with some checks in between, uploaded the content to the appropriate locations on this new LMS system.

Content Creation

My background is in content creation in multiple forms. I got my degree in Film Production BA(Hons) from the University for the Creative Arts, and then worked a freelancer for a number of different marketing agencies and production companies.

Here are some examples of my content production work.

This started out as purely video content, but then over time I grew experience of more of the marketing stack.