Solar Lead Generation

Zero to $3.7m in 23 Months Case Study

Own Your Own Solar Lead Pipeline

Solar lead generation companies generate solar leads, then sell them at a profit to solar panel installation companies and reps.

They typically do this by providing potential customers with information about solar panel installation, such as the benefits of going solar and how to get started.

Solar lead generation companies often work with multiple solar panel installation companies in order to provide a variety of options to potential customers.

At Photonic Growth, instead of generating our own leads and then making a large margin by selling them to you and 2-3 of your competitors, we actually help you build and own your own solar lead pipeline.

Solar Lead Generation Resources

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  • Solar Email Marketing Sample

    Solar Email Marketing Nurture Sequence for Residential Leads This is an example email marketing nurture sequence that I wrote for a client. It gets consistent results and has become a valuable asset within their marketing automation system. Email 1 Subject: [name], great to see you’ve taken the first step towards owning your own energy supply … Read more

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