I help clients create content strategy, video content, and lead generation systems to get customers

I have helped Solar companies, SaaS startups, and NGOs create digital marketing systems and content to grow sales.

  • Video Editing
  • Lead Generation
  • Content Strategy
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Case Study: The Best B2B SaaS YouTube Channels

If you’re looking into YouTube as an organic customer aquisition channel for your SaaS business, take a look at these well executed YouTube channels for inspiration.


Duncan is the commensurate professional who is able to deliver incredible video content; work to the highest standards of professional excellence and exceed every and any expectation of his work.

– Benjamin Jaglom @Renewables Investor

I have hired a couple of contractors to develop a Chatbot. Duncan was by far the most knowledgeable. He has an understanding of the technicalities as well as the strategy to successfully launched a chat bot. We worked together on complex interactions with between apps to provide customized pictures to each chatbot users.

– Florian de Ponnat @Car Lease Comparison

It was a pleasure to work with him again. He’s a competent professional who can be trusted to just get on with the job. Feedback from our client about Duncan was extremely positive. We look forward to working with him again in the near future.

– John Crute @The Technology Academy

Thank you for all your hard work on the FUSE platform. Your thoughtful content structuring, editing and production is great, and the platform prototype looks really good so far.
You’ve worked extremely well as team, and collaborated effectively with a number of CFA UK and CFAI stakeholders and challenging situations.

– Head of Member Services @CFA UK


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