Solar Email Marketing Sample

Solar Email Marketing Nurture Sequence for Residential Leads

This is an example email marketing nurture sequence that I wrote for a client. It gets consistent results and has become a valuable asset within their marketing automation system.

Email 1

Subject: [name], great to see you’ve taken the first step towards owning your own energy supply

Hi [name],

By filling out your contact details, you’ve taken the first step towards independence from the big energy companies, freedom from being locked into yearly price hikes, and most importantly a step towards a greener future for your family.

Even though going solar is typically a better return on investment than many other types of investments, surprisingly few people actually take action and get to the stage you’re at. Just like the first people to buy Teslas, you’re clearly an action taker who’s ahead of the masses.
Personally I love working with action takers, especially when that means helping people move towards a cleaner, more efficient future (whilst telling the big energy companies to get lost).

If you end up working with [solar company] to design your ideal solar PV system, then fantastic. If not, no worries. Either way, I’d like you to come out of this understanding more about solar energy. The benefits but also what to watch out for.

Over the next few days I’m going to send you a few more emails, sharing some of the insights we’ve learned about going solar in the UK.
And if you’re already ready to book a consultation with the team here at [solar company], click here to pick a time that works best for you.

[solar company]

Email 2

Subject: Is there even enough sun in the UK for solar panels?

Hi [name],


Well that was a quick email today ūüėÖ

Just kidding. Here’s more of an explanation:

There’s actually no shortage of solar energy hitting the UK every day. There’s enough sunlight shining on just a few square kilometers of the UK to power the whole of the rest of it.

Now it’s a bit more complicated than that, because we have to consider how efficient the panels are, and what angle your roof is. But essentially, there’s plenty of sunshine to power your home.

Of course, I’m guessing you’d like this to make great financial sense too. Which is why, when we design a system for your home, we optimise for cost savings, rather than you being able to be 100% sun powered all of the time.

That means we take into account things like how much time you spend at home during the day, which then influences how large of a battery we recommend.

We take in all this information, and use some smart software to figure out the optimal balance between: upfront cost, number of panels, battery size, and a lot more variables.

That way you get faster cost savings than if you were going for a 100% off grid system.

So if you’re ready to have us design the ideal system for your home and the way you use electricity, click here to book a consultation, or give us a call on 0800 999 ****.

Thanks, Duncan
[solar company]

Email 3

Subject: How does it feel to own your own energy supply, instead of ‘renting’?

Hi [name],

In my last email I talked about the financial returns of solar. Hugely important, of course.

But today I want to tell you about another aspect of going solar. One which is a bit harder to articulate, but bare with me here…

When I talk to people who have got solar installed, or watch their videos on YouTube (I know, I’m such a geek), it’s not the raw finances that they talk about the most. What they love to share is how different it feels to be generating their own energy.

Of course it’s not bad to be pocketing an extra ¬£10k over the warranty period of your solar panels. But the main thing that people talk about is the feeling of security, resilience, independence and actually a feeling of power.

Knowing that no matter what happens in the outside world, the stock market, or the economy – your house will be a self-sufficient bubble. And if you have a battery storage option with backup power (such as the Tesla Powerwall), then you’ll even be safe from power cuts.

Now I know that we’re generally pretty safe from freak storms and massive overnight electricity price hikes (like Texas in the USA recently experienced), it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t still feel great to know you’re just that bit more self reliant.

More practically though, UK energy prices (gas & electric) are set to increase the average bill by £96 in 2021. How do you imagine it would feel to not have to ever worry about that?

Plus, it’s a great feeling knowing that your socks just got tumble dried by the power of the sun 148.24 million km away!

That’s it for today, I’ll be in touch soon with some more (hopefully) helpful tips & insights into going solar in the UK.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to reply here, or book a free consultation with our friendly team.

Thanks, Duncan
[solar company]

Email 4

Subject: Needlessly Making the Big 6 Energy Companies Rich?

Hi there [name], hope you’re staying safe & healthy,

In my last email, I touched on the energy price increases happening at the moment. And really, that’s to be expected. But there’s something else about this that honestly makes me angry. Let me explain‚Ķ

As part of a small business myself, I believe in delivering great value, and charging a small profit as the reward for doing so – fair is fair. But there’s one business that doesn’t work like that. It’s a business you’re probably already making richer each month. And their profits are guaranteed by our government.

This is a direct quote from a report from Parliament:

“Developers, such as EDF in the case of Hinkley, build the power plants and operate them. To ensure a return on the investment, the Government negotiates with the developer a contract for difference (or CfD) which includes a ‚Äústrike price‚ÄĚ.

This is a set price for electricity produced by the finished power station, confirmed for a certain number of years. The developer is guaranteed this price, so if the market rate for power is below the strike price, the developer is paid an effective top-up. These top-up payments are ultimately passed on to consumer electricity bills”

Here’s what I don’t like about that: even though it’s cheaper now to build solar and wind farms than nuclear plants, the government is still doing deals where they hand over your money so that these big energy corporations can make a profit no matter what.

Getting your own solar setup at home is literally the opposite of that. Yes there is an up front investment. But as soon as you buy them, your energy costs are locked in. A lot less of funding big corporate profits from your bills each month.

Plus, you can even beat the big energy companies at their own game, by topping up your battery with super cheap (or occasionally even negative priced) electricity in the middle of the night, and selling excess solar energy at typically higher prices, when it’s sunny. More on that later.

So would you rather fund your own investment in owning your own energy? Or pay for more big corporate profits?

If you’d like to get a free solar design proposal for your home, click here to book a remote design consultation.

Thanks, Duncan
[solar company]

Email 5

Subject: [name] why now?

Hi [name],

If you’ve been reading my emails for the past few days, hopefully I’m getting across the value of going solar here in the UK. But why get solar now?
Firstly, the last thing I want to do is pressure in to getting solar if they don’t have all the information yet. That said, there are some great reasons why now is the ideal time to get solar:

We’re all at home a lot more now (and using more power)

I don’t need to remind you that we’ve all been spending more time at home during the daytime. Whilst solar energy can be ‘saved up’ during the day to use at night, it’s most cost effective if you’re already using more energy during the daytime.

It’s one of the least disruptive changes you can make to your home to increase its value.

As bills increase, and we all get a lot more energy conscious, energy ratings (yes, like the one on the sticker on your fridge) are becoming a big factor in house prices.

The government did a study back in 2013 that found increasing your home energy rating, by doing things like installing solar, often boosted house prices by 14%. Even more in some cases.

Electricity prices are rising even more than usual this year

OfGem, which is the UK’s energy regulator, recently approved an increase to the price caps they enforce on our bills.

They say it’s because energy companies are having to pay more for the energy they re-sell to us. Either way, energy prices are set to rise more than average this year.

Want to learn more? Go to Google News and type in “Energy Prices UK” – it’s not pretty.

What do you think? Do those sound like good reasons to get solar sooner rather than later?

When you’re ready to take the next step, click here to book a free consultation with our team.

Cheers, Duncan
[solar company]

Email 6

Subject: Why go solar with [solar company]?

[name], when you’re ready to get solar installed, there’s quite a few installers to choose from. So why should you work with us?

Here’s a couple of reasons:

How Our Approach is Different
Many solar installers (not naming any names here) rely on charging fat margins to a few customers, and focusing lots of effort on convincing them to buy.

We take a bit of a different approach. What we do is rely on good quality tech (like satellite based surveys, etc.) so we can afford to keep our margins low.

Along with that goes an understanding that not everyone that asks for a proposal is going to buy. We know the numbers on that too, and we’re confident in talking to potential customers without needing to pile on the pressure to buy.

If you want to see what our customers think of us, go check out our Google Reviews page.

Have a question? Just reply here and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Thanks, Duncan
[solar company]

Email 7

Subject: What do you get in a consultation with [solar company]?

Hi [name],

Hope you’re having a good day so far. In the last few emails from me, there’s been a little link at the bottom ‘book a consultation’. But until now, I haven’t fully explained what you’ll actually get in your consultation‚Ķ

Every consultation is a bit different as it’s based around your needs. But here’s the main things you’ll get:

Design proposal

Using satellite imagery of your roof, we’ll design a panel layout that takes into consideration your roof type and orientation, and also overall system optimisation (just a fancy way of saying that the point of the solar system is to save money, so we design it to do that).

Monthly breakdown of predicted energy output, and where that energy will be going

Like this:


Return on Investment Projections

Based off the energy production & consumption data, plus your past energy bills, we use the same software to produce realistic return on investment calculations.

You’ll see:

– how much cash you’ll be saving each month on bills
– how fast your system will pay for itself
– how much cash you’ll get in extra savings afterwards

Plus, you’ll be able to ask our team any questions you have about the process

This is you chance to make sure you fully understand the process, and we’ll remove any uncertainty or worry about how it all works.

So if you’re ready to get your personalised one on one consultation, then click here to book a time that works best for you.

Thanks, Duncan
[solar company]