A list of tools I’ve used to help generate leads, signups, and grow clients businesses

Table of Contents

Lead Generation: LeadsHook

Leadshook is a platform for creating interactive lead magnets. At least how that’s I’ve used it. It’s actually more versatile than that, and can be used across all parts of a business.

The way I’ve used it is to create personalised and interactive tools to attract leads. For example, this solar panel cost calculator, which helps people in the UK decide if solar panels are worth it for them (only works for UK addresses right now).

I’ve found it to be incredibly valuable, and the main reasons I’ve stuck with it over other tools are:

  • It’s incredibly flexible, you can build whatever you want
  • It’s built by an experienced marketer so the functionality all makes sense for digital marketing (compared to ‘survey’ tools)
  • The community is probably the best out of any SaaS product, and the founder Nik is fantastic at taking time to help people get results with the software – better coaching than $2,000 digital marketing courses

Cold email

Sending cold emails: Lemlist

Lemlist is one of those tools I orginally got in an AppSumo lifetime deal, and I’m really glad I did. They’ve seriously worked on it and improved since the orginal AppSumo deal. Personally I don’t send very many cold emails so I’m not sure I would pay the monthly for this one. But the functionality is pretty great, especially the image personalisation features. I’ve briefly tried Snov.io and Lemlist seems a bit better than that, so I’m happy to reccomend it.

Getting email addresses for cold emails: FindThatLead

If you’re going to be sending cold emails, you need some emails. FindThatLead is a one of those tools a bit like Hunter.io. To be honest, all the tools I’ve tested for this are bit hit and miss, but FindThatLead is as good as any, and it’s the one I have the most experience with. Recently they added a feature similar to Builtwith, where you can search by specific technology (e.g Shopify) used on a website, then get contact info for the site owners. Buitwith charge a lot more for this feautre, so it does make FindThatLead seem better value.


SEO Strategy: Ahrefs

Ahrefs is hands down the best SEO tool I’ve tried. The smartest SaaS clients I’ve worked with have all used it internally.

SEO Content Writing: Surfer

I’ve tested a few different SEO writing tools, and Surfer is ahead of the pack, at least for now. I even have Outranking.io on a lifetime deal but ended up paying for Surfer on a monthly subscription because it’s that much better.

YouTube SEO: Biteplay

I’m still testing out Biteplay, so I can’t yet give it a full recomendation – but so far it seems very promising. The UI needs work but the functionality has saved me hours so far.

Video Editing: Premiere Pro & After Effects

If you’re serious about creating videos yourself, do yourself a favour and learn Adobe Premiere. It may be slower to begin with, but there are no limits on your creativity compared so some of the other tools out there.