SEO for Solar Companies

In your solar business, it makes sense to have multiple streams of solar lead generation, rather than relying on a single source. Relying on door knocking? You or your rep could twist an ankle and be out of that for a week. Facebook ads? Your account could get randomly shut down. You get the idea. … Read more

Solar Email Marketing Sample

Solar Email Marketing Nurture Sequence for Residential Leads This is an example email marketing nurture sequence that I wrote for a client. It gets consistent results and has become a valuable asset within their marketing automation system. Email 1 Subject: [name], great to see you’ve taken the first step towards owning your own energy supply … Read more

How to Generate Solar Leads on Facebook

The solar energy industry has grown tremendously in the last few years. In fact, itโ€™s one of the fastest-growing sectors in renewable energy. Solar businesses are expanding and adding jobs at a rapid rate. The demand for solar services will only continue to grow with more people becoming conscious about cutting back on their carbon … Read more